How we charge you


Type of Visit Total Cost Medicare Rebate You pay
Level A – Brief $42.50 $17.50 $25
Level B – Standard < 20 min $64.10 $39.10 $25
Level C – Long < 20-40 min $110.75 $75.75 $35
Level D – Prolonged < 40 min $161.50 $111.50 $50


We do not Bulk Bill on weekends.

Bulk Billing
Some Doctors may Bulk Bill Pensioners/DVA & Children Under 16
for non-surgical appointments. Some Doctors do not Bulk Bill. Information is provided in the online booking system, or when you call the Clinic for an Appointment.

Brief telehealth consultations (<7 mins) will attract a patient gap fee of $15, longer calls (7-20 mins) have a $25 gap fee. Please have your card details handy at the time of your telehealth call so that we can process your payment in the same call.

Health Care Card Holders
Your consultations are billed at a reduced rate for non-surgical appointments: we charge you $15 for Short or Standard consultations, $25 for Long or Extended consultations.

Minor Surgical Procedures
These will attract an additional out-of-pocket expense of generally somewhere between $75-$300: please discuss with your doctor prior to your procedure.

Dressing Fees
If related to a procedure not initially performed at Get Well Clinic, we will need to charge dressing fees: please discuss with our friendly nurses.

Iron Infusions and Venesections
Our doctors and nurses are skilled and experienced in these procedures, but they must be booked in advance so that the necessary time can be dedicated. Please note that Infusions and Venesections are not bulk-billed and attract an additional out-of-pocket fee: please discuss this with one of our nurses.

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