How we charge you


Type of Visit Total Cost Medicare Rebate You pay
Level A – Brief $42.50 $17.50 $25
Level B – Standard < 20 min $63.20 $38.20 $25
Level C – Long < 20-40 min $108.95 $73.95 $35
Level D – Prolonged < 40 min $158.85 $108.85 $50


We do not Bulk Bill on weekends.

Pensioners/DVA & Children Under 16
We Bulk Bill you for all non-surgical appointments.

Health Care Card Holders
Your consultations are billed at a reduced rate for non-surgical appointments: we charge you $15 for Short or Standard consultations, $25 for Long or Extended consultations.

Minor Surgical Procedures
These have an out of pocket expense of generally somewhere between $50-$150: please discuss with your doctor prior to your procedure.

Dressing Fees
If related to a procedure not initially performed at Get Well Clinic, we charge $5-$25: please discuss with our nurse. But if we dressed it initially, we’ll dress it again for nix.

Pre-Employment Medicals
These have an out-of-pocket fee of $90-$180: please speak to our staff regarding your needs, and also please note some employers will cover this fee for you.

Walk-in Urgent Care
We encourage you to make an appointment via phone before you head in for treatment, so we can prepare for your urgent care needs. Please note dressing/surgical fees may be charged.

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