How we charge you

Doctors Consultations,
Face to Face and Telephone
Total Cost Medicare Rebate You pay
Short consultation < 7 min $40.00 $19.60 $20.40/$17.00
Standard consultation < 20 min $80.00 $42.85 $37.15/$25.00
Long consultation < 40 min $130.00 $82.90 $47.10/$40.00
Extended consultation <60 min $185.00 $122.15 $62.85/$40.00
Extra long consultation over 60 min $285.00 $197.90 $87.10/$75.00

NOTE: Phone consultations over 20 minutes are not available as complex issues are best suited to in person consultations.  Eligibility criteria apply to all phone consultations.

Pensioners/Concession Card/DVA & Children Under 16

If you are a Pensioner/Concession Card Holder or Under 16, please speak with your GP regarding your billing – Bulk Billing/DVA is available at their discretion. If a gap fee is charged it is at a discounted rate.

Minor Surgical Procedures inc Contraceptive Procedures
These have an out of pocket expense of generally somewhere between $75-$300: please discuss with your doctor prior to your procedure.

Dressing  / Procedure fees
We may  charge a dressing fee -minimum $20, ear syringing – minimum $20 and cryotherapy is minimum $10.00.  Please discuss this with your treating health provider. 

Pre-Employment Medicals
These have an out-of-pocket fee of $100-$300: please speak to our staff regarding your needs, and also please note some employers will cover this fee for you.

Walk-in Urgent Care
We encourage you to make an appointment via phone before you head in for treatment, so we can prepare for your urgent care needs.   After 5pm we do not have a Nurse or GP onsite.  Please note dressing/surgical fees may be charged. 

Iron Infusions and Venesections
Our doctors and nurses are skilled and experienced in these procedures, but they must be booked in advance so that the necessary time can be dedicated. Please note that Infusions and Venesections are not bulk-billed and attract an additional out-of-pocket fee: please discuss this with one of our nurses.

Transfer of History

All transfer of Histories will incur a minimum $25 admin and stationary fee.

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